My name is Ido, and I am a designer. 

A diverse design career led me to design various objects, from a pilots' helmet, through vehicles to digital user experiences. Holding a MA degree in Vehicle Design and BA in Industrial Design, allowed me to experiment in different disciplines and grow a design ethos that is ever evolving.  

I form a creative direction and development strategy for entire systems and lead multidisciplinary teams to realize them. I lead by inspiring people and through personal example while building strong relationships with my teammates. 

Over the years, various of my works have been published in design media and been exhibited in museums all over the world including the London Transport Museum and the Permanent Collection of the New London Design Museum.

My motivation comes from my sincere care for people and love of design. I see teamwork as the ultimate creative manifestation while channeling that creativity and hard work towards improving the well-being of people an imperative.

For more details regarding my professional path, take a look at my Linkedin profile.