My name is Ido and I am a designer. A diverse design career led me to understand that my passion lies in designing simple solutions for complex problems which have an impact on the well-being of people.

I form a creative direction and development strategy for entire systems and lead multidisciplinary teams to realize them.

I enjoy considering all of the constraints of a project and then arranging the various elements of the product or system in a way that will make sense for the eyes and hands of a user, a bystander, the manufacturing machine, the assembly hands, and the environment that it will perform in.

I lead by inspiring people and by personal example while building strong relationships with my teammates. Over the years, various of my works have been published in design media  (Wallpaper Magazine, Design Boom) and been exhibited in museums all over the world including the London Transport Museum and the Permanent Collection of the New London Design Museum.

When I am not fixating on all the details around me, I love to cook, drink coffee and play football (Euro version).

For more details regarding my professional path, take a look at my Linkedin profile