10 Second sketches

During my last trip to London for the opening of the new design museum, I visited an exhibition of Picasso portraits at the National Portrait Gallery.

I was struck by Picasso's ability to have so many different sketching styles. I was most inspired by his ability to convey a moment in life, regardless of the specific style he was using: 

ten lines or a hundred, pencil or pen, color or monochrome he managed to get across the character and spirit.

The exhibition inspired me, and I walked to a nearby art supply store and bought a small notebook.

I first set myself some "sketching rules" to avoid my sketching comfort zone:

Since in my design work I usually take the time to be methodological, I decided that while sketching, I will give myself no more than five seconds to observe a situation and try to understand what the most important lines are and how they will come together, than up to five seconds to sketch.

I had two and a half days in London to fill 50 pages, and at the end of the project, I gave my father the notebook as a present :)

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